Creating the exceptional

Provenance exports high quality New Zealand lamb around the globe
at a competitive price point. We also sell domestically to select clients.

We go to great lengths creating an exceptional product – carefully chosen, ethically farmed
and meticulously processed – our lamb is our pride and joy.

There are five reasons Provenance lamb is so exceptional and so much in demand…

Exceptional eating
Provenance lamb’s delicate taste – not too strong, not too mild, yet full of flavour – stands out from traditionally gamier New Zealand lamb. This distinctive taste is complemented by good marbling that delivers wonderfully succulent, tender meat with a clean finish on the pallet (think juicy, not fatty). It is the combination of all these elements that make our lamb exceptional eating.

Our farms grow mixed pastures of herbs and grasses, so that all essential nutrients are available to the animals that graze them. Our sheep love this mixed feed. That’s why they’re so healthy.

Healthy – carefully monitored
Ageing meat by holding it in a controlled, chilled state for 21 days before freezing is a proven tenderising method.* Randomised testing using independent quality assurance laboratories ensures we get it right. Alternatively we can ship to you fresh while aging in transit. Either way, we give careful attention to this aspect of preparation.

* Beef & Lamb NZ – Reference Guide, p.16-17, 52-55

Throughout the process, colour, texture, omega 3 and pH levels, succulence, nutritional value and other indicators of healthy meat are all monitored. The end result is lamb of exceptional quality that well meets all food standards and is a joy to cook.

Chef ready – fine cuts
We listen to what chefs want. We deliver the cuts they need, year round, at the quality they expect. Consistency is everything.

High meat to bone ratios on all our cuts give added value. Strict carcass grading and processing protocols ensure remarkable accuracy in weight and size of each cut. In the kitchen this means reduced waste, reduced prep time and consistent cooking.

Ethically farmed
Almost all New Zealand sheep are grass fed but it is the nutritional value of the pasture that makes the difference.

It all starts in the soil. Our comprehensive ethical farming protocols ensure the natural biology of the soil is replenished without the need for harmful fertilizers.

Living soil grows nourishing forage. Soil comes alive when it has good root systems surrounded with high microbiology feeding plant growth. Using only natural inputs, when and where needed, enhances this process. The end result is exceptionally healthy animals.

More than feeding our lambs well, we look after them humanely and with respect. Our lambs are especially selected to thrive in their environment. They are raised and cared for on extensive New Zealand farms, freely ranging across hills and paddocks as they graze. When it comes to transporting and processing, every care is taken to make sure our lambs are stress free.

Our lambs live well because they are fed well and cared for at each stage of their life.

Proven origin
‘Provenance’ is about origins. We believe it is crucial that the traceability and integrity of our product are guaranteed. Food security and safety is of great importance to consumers around the globe. We create exceptional lamb and we want consumers to know that is what they are getting.

The unique nutritional value of our land and pasture is passed into our lambs. This is measurable. Using Oritain’s patented ‘farm of origin finger print’, the trace element profile of the land can be found in the lamb to identify the supply farm.