Chef ready fine cuts

We listen to what chefs and restaurateurs around the globe want. We offer cuts that work best for the many styles of cuisine discerning clients now demand. Quality and consistency are the hallmarks of our product.

Our cuts

Consistency is everything. Our target carcass weight is 17kgs. Strict carcass grading and processing protocols ensure remarkable accuracy in weight and size of each cut.

The standard cuts we offer are shown below. If you are an export client, the supply of different cuts can be negotiated according to your requirements.

Fresh and frozen

We offer export clients the option of fresh chilled lamb in season or frozen lamb year round. Most cuts supplied within New Zealand are frozen.


Export prices are determined by negotiation depending on quantity, cuts required and our relationship with the client (we are especially receptive to establishing longer term stable trading partners). If you are from abroad and want to know more, please contact us directly.

New Zealand clients can find prices by logging into the ordering section of this site. You can apply for an account by clicking the ‘order’ button below and following the prompts. We do not sell retail.

Gaining the edge – nutritional value

Provenance lamb is the healthy choice for chefs who are looking to gain the edge in their red meat offering. It is high in energy yield and protein, and a source of essential minerals and vitamins.

Our lamb is aged for 21 days before release. Aging is monitored to ensure meat is healthy and tender before going to market.

We know Provenance lamb typically meets Beef+Lamb NZ’s nutritional benchmarks since each process season we randomly test our lamb for its nutritional value.

Fine Cuts
Interactive guide to the nutrient composition of NZ beef & lamb
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In addition, every process run of our lamb is tested for long-chain fatty acids (omega) levels, omega 3 to 6 ratios and overall saturated fat levels. So far results are encouraging. We look forward to publishing them when more data has been processed.

The health benefits of good levels of omega 3 and 6 intake – especially when naturally ingested – continue to be researched globally. For our part we are proud that Provenance lamb is not only good for the land and waterways that produce it but good for those who eat it.

Quality assurances

All our lamb is guaranteed:

  • Bio Farmed – creating living soils means no urea or acid processed rock phosphate is added to our pasture. Lambs are grass fed on nutritious multi-species pasture – no grain or PKE used.
  • Ethically Raised – free range, carefully managed; animal welfare focus in farm management (NAWAC compliant); additional independently verified protocols ensure compliance to Ethical/ Biological farming practice.
  • GMO, hormone and antibiotic free, contains no additives, artificial ingredients or colouring.
  • Addition processing QA protocols ensure the highest consistency of cut. Within process batches, we offer a replacement guarantee for any breach of protocol.
  • Nutrient values, succulence and tenderness are laboratory tested.
  • All meat is fully traceable to farm of origin – security assured through random forensic testing in destination countries.
  • Certified compliance with all NZ Ministry of Agriculture food safety and risk management requirements from farm, to works, to export. This means the safety of our meat is fully guaranteed.
  • Meets all destination countries market access requirements – agreed at government to government level.
  • Halal certified: FIANZ; NZIDT through OMLNZ.

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