Why I blog

When you have been cooking as long as I have you start to develop some strong views when it comes to food. One of the things I really like about my new role as Brand Ambassador for Provenance is the opportunity to share that knowledge with others.

I’m also looking forward to developing a new style of cooking centred around this exception lamb.

But firstly, let me clear the ground.

You don’t need to be a highly skilled chef with up to the minute skills and techniques to produce memorable food. Over many years, I have eaten some of the best food, not in white linen clad restaurants, but with friends and family around the home dinner table.

What you do need, is to approach your cooking with a passion and honesty that reflects you and your personality. In doing this, you form a connection through your food with your guests. All going well, this will create a long-lasting memory associated with the food served and the company in which it was served.

This blog, then, is about love and passion for cooking and how this can be transferred into a successful plate – whether you’re cooking at home for friends or paying dinner guests.

Sticking true to the title on this blog site I am going to share my love for lamb. I plan to do this through offering cooking tips, looking at the handling of various cuts, and exploring the multitude of ways these can be cooked and presented.

So stay with me. Subscribe to the blog. Try some of the ideas out. All questions and comments welcome.

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