With the launch of Tourism Central Otago 2017 Eat.Taste.Central promotion in September, it made a great deal of sense for Provenance Lamb to be represented as a locally farmed and sourced feature for the local restaurant menus. Provenance Lamb featured in a variety of ways on six restaurant menus from Naseby, Millers Flat, Bannockburn and Ophir.

Eat.Taste.Central promotion a win-win for Provenance Lamb

We were delighted when the Judges nominated the Ancient Briton Hotel in Naseby as the ultimate winner for Eat.Taste.Central 2017 – delighted for the hotel and delighted for ourselves, since The Ancient Briton was using the Provenance Lamb square-cut leg. This was served as a roast for two on a chopping board and in a manner appropriate and relevant to the rustic charm of the setting.

A few weeks later I met up with the Chief Judge for the promotion Sarah Meikle for a coffee back in Wellington. Sarah is the Chief Executive for Wellington Culinary Events Trust and oversees culinary events like Wellington on a Plate and the Wellington Beervana festival. Her work requires her to work closely with the food scene and chefs in Wellington and outlying districts so she knows her stuff.

Sarah recalled her experience of her judging the Ancient Briton and districts as a whirlwind but very memorable experience and commented that the flavours of the Provenance Lamb at the Ancient Briton left her inspired by “a clean and almost sweet tasting lamb was the best lamb I have ever eaten.”

Sarah also mentioned that she was so inspired by the flavours and the story, that while she was waiting back at the airport for her flight back to the Windy City, she felt compelled to give a heads up to some high profile Wellington Chefs. But not only that, she felt motivated enough to email a particular Food related Magazine editor in Auckland, to keep an eye out for Provenance Lamb as it makes its way to Restaurants up & down the country over the next few months.

It is encouraging to sit and hear someone else not related in any way with the Provenance Meat team voicing their excitement and experience. There seems to be a consistently positive reaction for those that have had the opportunity to try this exceptional Lamb. Well Done and congratulations to Jan & Adrian of the Ancient Briton Hotel, you’ve done your bit, now it’s now my job to make sure more, and more chefs hear about our story and relay this story and experience on their menus.

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