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There’s dirt and there’s soil – and it’s the difference that makes for great tasting food

I never contemplated that I could willingly sit through a seven hour presentation on soil and its meaningfulness when it comes to farming livestock. What does cheffing have to do with farming? A lot, as it turns out. It's to do with origins - the provenance of our offering...

So here goes for my first recipe…

This dish is a quick go-to, that doesn’t require a lot of complex components but is a real crowd pleaser for a starter or a main course. The lamb tenderloins or often referred to as fillets weigh around 90 grams each and require no trimming and therefore are pan ready straight out of the pack.

For the love of lamb

When you have been cooking as long as I have you start to develop some strong views when it comes to food. One of the things I really like about my new role as Brand Ambassador for Provenance is the opportunity to share that knowledge with others.