Michael Coughlin

Provenance Brand Ambassador

Michael has been a chef for 35 years. At times a restaurateur, consultant to restaurants and a Lifetime Platinum Brand Ambassador for Beef+Lamb New Zealand, he knows the industry inside out.

On this his blog page, Michael shares insights in his new role as Provenance Meat New Zealand’s Brand Ambassador and overseer of our Process Quality Assurance Programme – though mostly he just loves writing about Provenance lamb. From time to time he invites other chefs and foodies to do the same.

Lunch at Glenfalloch

Lunch at Glenfalloch Lunch last week was at Glenfalloch, a beautiful garden on the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin. We sat outside on the terrace of the restaurant on a mild autumn

Lunch at Mount Difficulty

Lunch at Mount Difficulty Kirsty Newton writes of her visit to Mt. Difficulty, one of New Zealand’s best known vineyards and restaurants. Cruising through the golds and greens of Central Otago

Provenance Lamb Shoulder

The Provenance Lamb Shoulder Labelled on our site as the “Oyster shoulder,” this is a wonderful cut of meat, tender and lean with the foreshank, shoulder bone and blade still

Eat.Taste.Central promotion a win-win for Provenance Lamb

With the launch of Tourism Central Otago 2017 Eat.Taste.Central promotion in September, it made a great deal of sense for Provenance Lamb to be represented as a locally farmed and

The butterfly leg – the new Sunday roast any day of the week this summer

I don’t know about you but as soon as I see the first blossom popping out on the trees and smell that earthy first lawn cut in the spring, my mind automatically goes into barbecue mode. Not snags or chicken drums (even though this is a mandatory consideration), I’m talking about meat - lamb in particular! Big pieces, lovingly and gently cooked encapsulating deep flavours that typically roasting in the oven will never give.